Guam Kingfisher Bird

Guam Kingfisher – A beautiful bird don’t you think?


Guam Kingfisher

They remain only as a captive population of fewer than one hundred individuals (as of 2006) in US mainland and Guam breeding facilities. Two places you can see them in the US is at the Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific in California and Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo in Illinois.

Guam Tourism Rising

Did you know Guam’s Tourism is rising? ┬áHere are the numbers ending year 2014.

Guam Tourism Rising

Guam Tourism Rising ending year 2014

We are not where we use to be, but we can help Guam by sharing our stories about our beautiful island on the world wide web. From the beautiful white beaches to the people, lets show the world where America’s New Day Begins. Biba!