Colorado Springs, Colorado

Biba Chamorro ~ Biba Colorado Springs ~ Biba Guam Liberation!!!

DATE: Saturday ~ July 21st
TIME: 12 NOON (please have your dish at the park by 11am for table setup)
PLACE: Fort Carson Iron Horse Park (don’t forget your ID’s, car registration and proof of insurance. As in the past, we do have to abide with the rules and regulations of the park and we’ve attached a copy for you.)
HOW MUCH? Potluck

Point of Contacts
Eddie Mafnas: 719-310-4177
Dee Mafnas: 719-310-4883

Buenas Yan Hafa Adai:

Unfortunately, due to the recent wild fire and ongoing fire ban, we are not able to barbecue with charcoal at the park. We are asking for all who are donating meat to please bring them cooked. If you wish to barbecue and have a personal gas grill or can arrange for one, please feel free to do so. At this time, the menu list is still pretty open for any meat or side dish. If you wish to contact us for your menu donation, please post comment below.

For those who ordered t-shirts, they will be in our hands next Tuesday night and we can arrange for delivery before the 21st, if not, we will have them with us at the day of the event. If anyone is still interested, we’ve ordered a few extra adult regular t-shirts for last minute sell at $15 each.

This is the last weekend before the event and we look forward to seeing you all at the park!

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