Si yu’os ma’åse! (Meaning and History)

Si yu'os ma'åse's history and meaning.

Si yu’os ma’åse’s history and meaning.

Did you know “Si yu’os ma’åse” actually means “God is merciful?”  So what is the original word for thank you in Chamorro?  According to this same article from Marianas Variety, Chamorros are starting to use “Saina Ma’åse” which means “The elder is merciful.”

From a blog called Tasi’s Thoughts, she has an interesting point which is explained as follows:

The depth behind the meaning of the saying thank you in my native language conveys a poignancy of gratefulness which not only expresses gratitude, but the divine’s blessing on the person.

But does anyone really know how Ancient Chamorro’s used to say Thank you!?   Do share if you do not know but want to see if we can get this answered.  Si yu’os ma’åse! 😉

Marianas Variety

Tasi’s Thoughts

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  1. Åsaina ma’ase may be closer – for Åsaina is our (fino’ haya) surviving word for God. Yu’os is a transliteration of the Spanish word Dios. Food for thought

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