72nd Theme & Artwork

Announcement of the 72nd Guam Liberation Theme & Logo

72nd Liberation Theme:  Håtsa:  The Revitalization of our People and our Land!
Chamorro Translation:  Håtsa: I Rinueban i Taotao-Ta yan i Tano’-Ta!

The people of Guam are seeing a revitalization of i kotturan Guahan. The Chamorro people survived war and colonialism threatened to strip the island of its language and traditions. We have rebuilt our island; and our government and community is maturing. More of our children today are banidosu about our culture, our history as a people, and to the land and sea that has sheltered and fed us for a millennium — this is a marked difference from previous generations. Today, we participate in elevated conversations — culture, music, and the arts & humanities are the center of discussion. It is an evolution of, not just who we are as a people, but how we view ourselves and our place in the world. We know where we come from and we have set our sights on moving our island beyond anything our forefathers and foremothers may have dreamed. We believe that coming from a small island is not a limitation to what we can accomplish. We believe that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. We believe that our children will have the best because we will strive to give them the best.

72nd Theme Artwork

72nd Guam Theme Artwork

Logo design/concept:  The globe represents our global reach, the guafak represents our people and the land and sea that has sheltered and fed us for millennium stretching throughout the pacific region and beyond. Centering Guam in the globe makes us the “Hub of the Pacific”. Therefore moving Guam forward and placing Guam in the map. The green image represents our local tropical color.

Logo’s May Not Be Used or Reproduced For Monetary Gain.  All Users Must Obtain Written Consent From the Guam Liberation Historical Society. 

Here is the official announcement.

72nd Theme Official Announcement

72nd Theme Official Announcement


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